Booking, Billing & Receipts

Optimise your business using a state of the art workflow process that helps you reduce failed duties & provide a superior service experience to your customers.

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Supplier purchase & payments

Features designed to help you keep track of all duties outsourced to suppliers, their invoices as well as payments.

Digital duty slips

Completed duty slips are available instantly using an Android app for drivers which automatically tracks Duty KM & Time, records passenger signatures as well as images of duty expenses like toll & parking.

Automatic garage-to-garage calculations

The platform automatically calculates garage KM & Time from reporting addresses and drop locations to your garages instantly.

How could Indecab benefit you?


monthly operational cost reduction


hours of manpower saved every month


lesser print outs


human errors reduced

Reports & Analytics

We understand that each of your customers have different requirements. Create custom reports or MIS templates based on your customer’s need for both outstanding statements and duty reports

Payment Gateway

Accept online payments from customers with a few clicks. Track the status of payments made by customers in real-time. Payments received would be credited directly to your bank account.

Send a payment request from Indecab

Customer receives an email with a Payment link

Customer completes online transaction

Funds credited directly to your bank account


Create as many login IDs as you need to. Give each employee their own login details and control what they have access to.


Our platform neatly integrates with Tally, allowing you to export all sales & purchase vouchers as well as receipts & payments directly into Tally anytime.

Activity log

View a real-time record of any action performed by your employees on the platform.


Track real-time fuel mileage & expenses for each of your vehicles.


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